One day and two events you can't afford to miss

This year has certainly been a memorable one and not often for the right reasons. However, despite times being so tough for our industry, it's great to see that over the last few months so many people have come together via Twitter to network and collaborate on creating a more positive and innovative future. The point the social media naysayers always seem to miss is how much Twitter and other social media platforms actually enhance face to face interaction rather than stifling it. To prove this there are not one but two face to face events running in London on Thursday 19th November that I believe will prove invaluable to anyone interested in innovating their way out of the recession in 2010. First up during the day we have what I'm pretty sure is the first Recruiting Unconference held in the UK. The legendary @BillBoorman is organising everything and it promises to be a unique and interesting day. I'm hosting / co-ordinating / facilitating / refereeing the "Social Media Circus" alongside keen social recruiter  Wendy Jacob and I'm looking forward to some lively discussion and debate. Bill has provided a comprehensive overview of the day here on the sign up page and I know you'll be very impressed with the breadth and scope of the agenda

Directly after the Unconference Jamie Leonard and myself will be hosting the third Recruitment Tweetup (#RTU to give it's Twitter hashtag name) which will be held in a bar at the Unconference venue. Registration for the Tweetup is separate to the Unconference and you don't have to attend during the day to come in the evening. However as we think you'd be mad to miss the daytime shenanigans,  we're offering a special discount code on Unconference tickets for anyone who registers for the Tweetup. Here's what happened at the last Tweetup in July.

Sign up for the Tweetup here

Sign up for the Unconference here

Thanks for coming to the Summer Recruitment Tweetup #RTU

A belated thank you  to everyone who came to the Summer Recruitment Tweetup a couple of weeks ago. Particular thanks must go to my co-organiser Jamie Leonard (now working at The Ladders) and our generous sponsors TwitterJobSearch and We'll be looking to do another one in October or  November  so if anyone has any good ideas about formats or venues please get in touch.

For those of you who couldn't make it on the night this is what you missed.....


Thanks for a great turn out!

Just a quick post to say thanks to everyone who helped make this week's UK Recruitment Tweetup such a success. Special thanks to our sponsors and also to the legendary Jamie "My Long Lunch" Leonard for doing such a good job organising the venue. I also know a few of you travelled quite long distances to attend, we're really glad you made the effort. I'll be organising some kind of feedback questionnaire at some point next week as it would be good to gauge what people would like to see from any future Tweetups.  I've also got the joy of editing the video over the weekend so expect to see that very soon as well.......

UK Recruitment Tweetup Update

With two days still  to go the response to the UK Recruitment Tweetup has been almost overwhelming and has certainly exceeded anyone's expectations! The good news is that, after having to declare the event full last week, we now have extra capacity and you can register here again. There has been a small but vocal bit of controversy centring on our decision to keep the venue secret which I should really address briefly here.  All we are doing is trying to keep the event as a Tweetup rather than a free for all and we also wanted to give ourselves a bit of flexibility with the logistics until we knew what sort of response the event would get. We'll let everyone know in plenty of time where to go, most probably via an email on Tuesday evening which will be backed up via Twitter on the day itself

If you can make it on the night but our still keen to join in via Twitter we are hoping to be running the #RTU stream in Twitter Search on some screens at the venue so please do contribute!

The Uk Recruitment Tweetup has a sponsor

tjslogo It's great to see the momentum building behind what will be the UK's first Recruitment Tweetup. There are already a large number of  sign ups and it's fantastic to see we've got a really diverse mix of individuals involved. It will all make for a great event!

What will make the event even greater is the fact that we now have a sponsor. You've probably heard a lot about Twitter Job Search this week and we're delighted that they are going to be supporting the Tweetup!

The event is being held at a secret location in the Farringdon area on the 1st April and the only criteria for attending are that you are a Twitter user and connected with the recruitment or hr industries.  So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!