Recruitment predictions for 2010

With a very challenging 2009 finally drawing to an end, now seems like the perfect time to make some predictions about what we can expect in the world of recruitment during 2010. Before I do that though I wanted to briefly reflect on the last 12 months. Although it may well be remembered for a number of other things, 2009 was certainly the year that the term Social Recruiting began to enter the broader recruitment lexicon. There has been a huge amount of talk about how social media will change recruitment and unfortunately much of it is just self-serving rubbish.

With this in mind my heros of 2009 are ERE who put on two excellent Social Recruiting Summits to unpick what is actually happening by bringing people together to discuss genuine case studies. I attended both events and they were real highlights of the year for me, with the opportunity to meet some truly great thinkers and practitioners. November’s summit illustrated just how quickly the companies embracing social recruiting are making progress and I'm now absolutely convinced that what we’re seeing is a genuine revolution and not just the latest fad

So what’s in store for 2010? Here are a few thoughts: -

The Recruitment Market

A quick Twitter poll I did the other day revealed that most people are rightly cautious about 2010 and I would predict that we are in for another challenging year. Corporate recruitment will most probably pick up but this will be potentially overwhelmed by acute difficulties in the public sector.  While some people will still do well; it could be a very painful year for those in the industry who aren’t innovating quickly and effectively enough.

Social Recruiting

The next 12 months are going to tell us everything we need to know about how much time it’s going to take for Social Recruiting to move through its adoption curve. There are lots of smart companies who have been using a quiet 2009 to plan social activity for 2010 and I’m really looking forward to seeing much experimentation, a growing body of case studies and more great events to discuss them. I’m not looking forward to the inevitable proliferation of bandwagon jumping and snake oil selling which could make “caveat emptor” the most used Social Recruiting phrase of the year!

Job Boards

The future of job boards seems to be a much discussed topic at the moment and something I’m going to be writing a bit more about next year. The key thing is that the debate shouldn’t be a live or die one; it’s all about the shades of grey. Job Boards are not some kind of unified entity, they are all different depending on the industries they serve and countries they are based in.  With the pressures in the marketplace and the growth of social recruiting, 2010 should be an interesting year for many of them. As well as some inevitable market consolidation I’m expecting to see more innovation in the next 12 months than we’ve seen in the last ten years


By this time next year we’ll know whether pay walls work and once we do it’ll certainly move the debate about the future of newspapers forward. I could be wrong but I’m expecting the default “but we’ll always have newspapers” camp to be slightly less hardcore in 12 months time

So all in all 2010 may well be challenging but it certainly isn’t going to be dull!

Have a great Christmas!