Why Content Marketing is Important for Recruitment

The importance of content marketing has grown significantly in the last two years. Creating a body of relevant and effective content can help companies to recruit, to promote their employer brand and establish thought leadership. Despite the significant benefits of getting content marketing right, it is still very much under used and misunderstood in the recruiting and HR space

In the latest episode of The Recruiting Future Podcast I interview Mervyn Dinnen who is an expert in content marketing and engagement for recruitment and HR. Mervyn is helping a number of organisations with content marketing and in our interview he shares what is working for his clients and gives advice on how to get started with content marketing techniques.

You can hear us discuss:

  • What content marketing is, its benefits and how it can be used for recruiting, employer branding and customer engagement.
  • Why using job listings as content can potentially attract the wrong audience.
  • How Social Recruiting is changing
  • What formats to use when and what is working for companies using these techniques
  • Mervyn’s top 7 tips for producing effective content
  • Kittens, Puppies and Poldark!

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