The Current State of Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting has been around now for nearly ten years but many companies are still struggling to use social platforms for recruitment in a successful way. All of the key social media platforms have made significant changes to their functionality in the past 18 months and many employers are using approaches to social recruiting that are seriously out of date.

There are however some great examples out there of organisations using social in a strategic up to date way and benefiting from huge value in terms of branding, quality hires and cost savings.

In Episode 9 of The Recruiting Future Podcast I interview Andy Headworth who has been researching successful social recruiting case studies for his new book.

In the interview we discuss:

  • How social recruiting is changing and what it now takes to be successful.
  • The use of mobile
  • How brand driven engagement is yielding some great results
  • Social Recruiting case studies from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and Denmark

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