How Should HR Respond to the Digital Revolution?

The space where people, work and technology meet is becoming ever more fascinating and is throwing up huge issues for HR departments round organisational flexibility and change management.  Lots of people seem to have an opinion on what is happening and what should be done but fewer people are actually commenting from the HR trenches on what it is like to face those issues on a daily basis.

In Episode 8 of the Recruiting Future Podcast I speak to Neil Morrison the Group HR Director at Penguin Random House UK, someone who is dealing with these challenges first hand.

You can hear us discuss:

How Penguin Random House has had to respond to the digital revolution and turned it from a threat into an opportunity.

The evolving nature of HR technology with a move from big enterprise solutions to smaller “disposable” alternatives.

The expectations of employees for a consumer grade user experience at work

Penguin Random House’s ground breaking social recruiting initiative to attract new marketing talent into their business

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