Glassdoor and the New Transparency of Employer Brands

We live in an age of social proof. The rise of review sites in almost every aspect of our lives has been incredibly rapid and making any buying decision without searching the internet for the opinion of others now seems strange to us. Within this context I’ve followed the rise of Glassdoor with real interest. It is by far the world’s largest collection of employee and interview feedback and over the last few years it has expanded operations significantly from its original base in California. Glassdoor now has a presence in the UK, Germany and France with more country launches being planned.
In the latest edition of the Recruiting Future Podcast I talk to Joe Wiggins Glassdoor’s Senior European PR Manager. We discuss the reception Glassdoor has had in Europe and the types of companies whose employees are engaging with the site the most. We talk through how the transparency of Glassdoor is making companies think differently about their employer brand and Joe gives some great tips on what employers can do to ensure they are managing their reputation in the most impactful way.
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