The Inside Story on Maersk Drilling, Facebook and Recruitment

Last week I posted a short video which gave some insight into Maersk Drilling's excellent Social Recruiting Strategy and in particular their award winning Facebook Community. Lots of people were keen to know more so I'm delighted to be able to post this interview I recorded today with their Head of Communication, Marketing and Branding Fredrik Tukk 


It really is a must listen for any employer who wants to get the most out of social recruiting.

If you don't have time to listen in one go, here are some highlights to skip to:

Start:    Introduction from Fredrik detailing the background to the project and the challenges overcome

3mins: The three key factors Maersk Drilling focused on to build a relevant audience and engagement and why they never post jobs on their Facebook page

6mins: How they got the initial momentum to kick start their Facebook plan

9mins: Results, statistics and how they measure success

12mins: What's next for Maersk Drilling? Mobile and Big Data

This interview is the first part in a regular series where I'll talk to employers who are doing great things with their recruitment strategy. If you would like to take part please contact me