Mobile and Social Tonic


A couple of weeks back I did a video interview with my very good friends at Tonic. We covered a lot of topics and the final video is quite lengthy so if you don't have time to view the whole thing, here are some highlights and the time at which they appear in video:

3 mins: The current state of Mobile Recruiting

7 mins: A brief history of Online Recruitment

10 mins: Global recruitment innovation, interesting tools and techniques

15 mins: The transformation of Social Recruiting into marketing

17 mins: "News Feed Optimization"

20 mins: Making the internal case for Social Recruiting, stakeholder buy in and ROI

24 mins: Why Facebook recruiting is tough but not impossible

27 mins: What is going to happen in recruiting in the next five years. How will tech innovation impact our space

33 mins: Some companies that are doing Social Recruiting really well

35 mins: Continuous Recruitment Marketing and persuasion 

38 mins: Why you should always be curious