Launching the Mobile Recruiting Guide 2012 (free so download it now!)

So that was a long break from blogging, in fact I think my longest ever. It wasn't intentional at all, I was just fully absorbed in a number of interesting projects! As anyone who follows my Twitter ramblings will know though, I've spent most of the last few months doing even more detailed research and thinking into the implications of mass smart phone adoption and the growth of Mobile Recruitment.The highlight of this was undoubtedly attending the mRec conference in Atlanta last month. It was both fascinating and encouraging to hear how quickly companies like Pepsico, UPS and Microsoft are moving forward and implementing mobile apply processes and see the significant progress they had all made with mobile in general since last year's event in San Francisco. I'm going to write more about the different approaches to mobile apply soon, particularly as I've found an employer in the UK who is already doing it well!I still feel the biggest issue with Mobile Recruiting is a lack of knowledge in the market and there is certainly a lack of easily accessible accurate information to help people fully understand what's going on. I'm absolutely committed to change this and want to create as many free resources as possible. With that in mind I'm delighted to announcement that Mobile Dave and myself have just published the free Mobile Recruiting Guide 2012. You can instantly download it below and no registration is required  



The guide is longer and much more detailed than the whitepaper we published last year. It covers a variety of topics and you can see an extract here in Dave's recent ERE article. As an added bonus I've also made a YouTube recording available of a webinar on Mobile Recruiting I did for members of The Firm at the start of the summer.

really hope you find a lot of value in these two free resources and it would be great to get everyone's feedback on what additional information is needed to really get Mobile Recruiting moving!