Recruitment's ever expanding social layer

It seems that while the recruitment universe is still embroiled in tedious arguments about the value of social media and building technology that spams jobs listings into the social web, real life continues to move on and social embeds itself still further in the job hunting process. Between them LinkedIn and Facebook have pretty much a billion members and the smartest companies are using the respective API's to unlock the true power of this human network. Just have a look at this recent initiative from Glassdoor

Now just have a think about the implications for everything from employer branding to the validity of current recruitment processes. Humans have always behaved like this and these kind of platforms are unlocking and massively amplifying the thing that feels most natural in a job search.....asking our friends and connections for help and advice.

Yes there is a long way to go but change is happening fast in our recruitment world and I'm still not sure a lot of people are properly noticing. Let me leave the final word to one of my favourite film characters........