Mystery Applicants and Megatrends - Understanding the Candidate Experience

Last week I spoke at the excellent UK Recruiter end of year conference and shared some of my thoughts on the forces shaping the future of the recruitment industry. I'm not going to go into any detail about the four forces I identified in this particular blog post as I'm working on a whitepaper to be published in January that will cover them pretty comprehensively. However as part of the presentation I also talked about what I believe is going to be the "Megatrend" in recruitment over the coming weeks, months and years:

I've always been very interested in the plethora of discussions taking place round the candidate experience topic but have been somewhat underwhelmed by a lack of tangible action that companies have taken to address the real issues. With that in mind I'm delighted to finally talk a little bit about the really smart start up I've been helping out over the last few months.

Mystery Applicant will be launching at the end of the month and will be providing employers with real time information and benchmarking tools that will allow them to understand and improve the experience they give to candidates throughout the recruitment process.

As part of their launch the Mystery Applicant team are running a survey aimed at anyone who has applied for a job in the UK during the last six months, in order to get a sense of how people feel they are being treated. They would be really grateful for any help in spreading the word so here is a link to pass on to anyone relevant in your networks:

If you are actually a recent job seeker or are going through the job seeking process at the moment why not give yourself a voice in the debate and fill it in as well