"BeKnown" - Monster does Social Recruiting

Finally it would seem that one of the major job boards has blinked and properly joined the social recruiting revolution. Monster pre launched a Facebook recruiting network called BeKnown this morning and on first glance it certainly isn't a token effort. It looks like a very serious play to get into the Facebook recruitment space, a market that has been taking off recently with some interesting successes in terms of both audience growth and client case studies from companies such as Work4labs and dare I say it Branchout. Monster's strategy seems to be driven by a desire to capitalise on a differing audience between Facebook and LinkedIn and there is a great blog post here that goes into this in much more detail. This really isn't surprising, as despite robust denials to the contrary, LinkedIn's massive growth and significant monetisation of the professional network recruiting market has been a major concern for many job boards.

Inevitably I'm sure today's launch will see the old arguments about people not wanting to use Facebook to find a new job being reiterated, particularly here in the UK. As I've always said though social and professional networks are just platforms and the way people use them varies massively from person to person and in recruitment terms from industry to industry. I'm currently researching Facebook recruitment case studies at the moment and there are enough out there and enough interest from the audience for Monster's move to be a sensible one.

So is BeKnown any good and will it work? Well on first glance there is a lot I like about it but I'll do a proper review after I've seen Monster on Tuesday to find out more. It is very early days though and it would be churlish to predict any kind of success at this point. Regardless of the eventual outcome though Monster have shown they understand more about social recruiting than I gave them credit for and if I was one of their traditional competitors I'd be watching BeKnown with a great deal of interest!