LinkedIn and The Death of The CV

About three years ago a wrote a post with the above title on the Digital Recruiting blog. You can read it here. Just to give some context, at the time LinkedIn had only just hit 1 million members in the UK and it was nowhere near as well known as it is today! Lots of people have also said the same thing with this excellent post from Hung Lee being just one example of this kind of thinking I've just spotted this post on Mashable a part of which I've pasted in below

LinkedIn will launch a button for employers’ websites called “Apply With LinkedIn” that allows job candidates to submit their LinkedIn profiles as resumes, according to a report.

Twitter and Google have both launched new buttons this week, and now it seems LinkedIn will also introduce a new way for third-party sites to integrate its services as well.

A “source briefed on the feature” told GigaOm that the new feature, which will be displayed alongside job descriptions on partner sites, will launch later this month.

Aside from making it easier for candidates to apply for jobs, the plugin uses applicants’ data to automatically sort candidates for the employer. If a company wants more than a LinkedIn profile to vet candidates, it can use additional questions from a template (i.e. Are you willing to relocate?), add customized questions or request a cover letter. Submissions can be sent to an email address, a URL or JavaScript callback.

So definitely time to reopen the debate, what do people think? Will it catch on? Will recruiters be prepared to move with the technology or do old habits just not die? Will this effect the way people write their LinkedIn profiles and in so doing reduce its power as a non recruitment networking tool? What does this mean for Job Boards?

So many questions and I'm sure lots of opinions to go with them. There is one thing I'm sure of though, if it happens as reported this is a very significant move!