Coffee Shop Recruitment? - A review of the Monster iPad App

I’ve had a lot of feedback on my recent mobile recruiting post and I’m going to write a proper follow up pretty soon to collate some of these views as well as the additional thinking I’ve been doing. In meantime though one interesting by-product has been a couple of invitations to review some new apps in the space. I’m not normally a review type blogger but I thought I would make an exception as I have such a big interest in everything that is happening in mobile recruitment. Having already taken a look at employers and the iPhone with a review of the PepsiCo iPhone app for the Mobile Recruiting News site, I thought I should turn my attention to Job Boards and the iPad. So I accepted the invitation from Monster to take a look at their new iPad app, which launches this week.

I have to say that I was quite cynical. I really feel strongly that app based recruitment has to integrate with the features of the device it has been made for. If it doesn’t then I don’t see the point of using an app when an appropriately optimized web site would do the same thing.  So the main question for me was going to be whether Monster’s app made the most of unique environment of the iPad.

Monster iPad App

So what did I think? Well I was pleasantly surprised! The first thing that strikes you when opening the app is the importance Monster has placed on user centered design. The app not only looks great but is also incredibly user friendly in terms of how the information scrolls and presents itself perfectly for the iPad’s screen size.

At this point it is worth pointing out that to get the full benefit of the app you need log in and you can do this either via an existing Monster account or one you can create on the iPad itself. Personally I don’t have an issue with this and I’m not sure many users would either. Logging in and registering with an app is pretty much the norm these days if there is a high value information exchange taking place.

Once logged in you can do pretty much everything you can do on the Monster site with the added benefit of geo-location based job searching. You can’t change your stored CVs but you can create custom cover letters and in most cases apply for a job directly from the app.

Mobile recruitment still has a very long way to go and often runs the risk of being either tokenistic or faddish in terms of implementation. What I like about the Monster iPad app is that it delivers an experience that I think iPad users will really appreciate as being unique to their device. Monster hasn’t tried to over complicate things and I think as a first effort it works really well.

Perfect for conducting a job hunt while sitting in a coffee shop away from prying eyes and snooping IT departments in the office!

Well done to Monster for putting the user first and I’ll be very interested to see how the other job boards respond