Mobile, Video, Social and Seattle

I’ve just realised that I haven’t blogged for ages. This hasn’t been deliberate other than the fact that it does seem to happen every summer! Lots of things to write about in the coming weeks and I’ve just gained a huge amount of extra inspiration from attending ERE’s fourth Social Recruiting summit at Microsoft’s HQ in Seattle yesterday. I’ve attended all four of these events and it has been fascinating to see companies like Microsoft moving social recruiting initially from the theoretical to the experimental and now through to the hard ROI metrics and best practise thought leadership they presented this time round. However more on that another time, I’m still digesting yesterday’s presentations and have some interesting thoughts brewing on employer brand, talent communities and the future of ERPs that I’ll blog about in the coming weeks.

In the meantime I wanted to flag up a forthcoming UK event which I think will be excellent. Mike Taylor is organising what I’m pretty sure is the world’s first conference on Mobile and Video in recruitment. These are key topics and Mike has assembled an impressive line up of speakers making it an event I’d highly recommend.

Mobile is becoming a particularly hot topic for me and despite the current ” Job App” rush I think that the poor level of mobile optimisation of most corporate recruitment sites is actually what will emerge as a major focus moving forward (yet another blog post I need to write!)

Anyway I’m taking the opportunity to have a few days holiday here in the US before coming back to the UK so for now I’ll leave you with the best quote from the Social Recruiting summit which came from Jobs2Web founder Doug Berg:

“Social Recruiting is completely over hyped in the short term and completely under hyped in the long term”

Doug I couldn’t agree with you more!