The unthinkable today is reality tomorrow

Very interesting to see the lack of comment on, (or indeed in most places lack of any mention of) Personnel Today's recent announcement that it is shutting the print version of the publication and going online only. A few years ago I was brain storming with some of my then colleagues about what changes we might see in the industry. During the conversation I suggested that the printed version of Personnel Today would at some point, in the reasonably near future, cease to exist. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was scaremongering and being deliberately disruptive (I get accused of this a lot!). Received wisdom then was it would "never happen" not least because of the conservative approach of its target audience to technology. Interesting that is also the argument I'm still hearing today about the potential for social recruiting.

Anyway fast forward not very many years and the switch happens. Rather than being seen as a revolutionary or controversial bit of breaking news, it is treated as just an unfortunate but ultimately routine announcement about the loss of more jobs in the publishing industry

The lesson here is very much that today's unthinkable change can quickly become tomorrow predictable reality. With that in mind I wonder what changes the next five years are going to bring to our industry......