Job Cloud Follow Up - Twitter as the future of Job Boards

Thanks to everyone for what has been an amazing response to my recent post about Twitter as a "Job Cloud" . There were so many comments I've decided to group them into topics and address them together. Here are the four main themes- We've tried it and Twitter doesn't work as a Job Board

That doesn't surprise me and certainly doesn't disprove the concept in any way. Things always develop over time and the picture may be very different in a few months. The sheer number of people who have told me they have tried it and it does work would indicate there is much potential here. Also it's important to look at all the variables. If it didn't work for you could it be something to do with the way you posted the jobs, the timings and quantity of your feeds, the quality of the landing page, the keywords, the employer brand or indeed the jobs themselves? As the successful case studies emerge so will the best practice needed to get results. I would suggest that would be a much better point at which to have the debate about whether it works or not.

Twitter isn't a mass market tool

I agree. However the concept here is of Twitter as a massive open database of jobs. Yes a lot of people will finds jobs on Twitter itself but most will get the content via other third party tools and sites. The real question is whether those third parties will get the mass or niche market penetration required to make the Job Cloud work

Twitter will never replace the skills of recruiters

I never said it would, I'm talking here about the distribution of job posting content

HR won't be able to get their head round it

A good point but I'm not sure they will have to. I would suspect that a lot of the work will be done by their existing suppliers (ATS, Web Agencies, Ad Agencies, Job Boards and Job Posting tools) and that Twitter integration will just be automatic add on.

There seems to be so much interest in the Job Cloud concept that I'm keen to investigate further. I've started to map the Job Cloud "Ecosystem" by researching which companies are offering Twitter based job services. I've been contacted by several already but would urge any others to get in touch if you want to be part of the study. I will publish my results soon.