TRULondon - the very good, the slightly bad and the tiny bit ugly

I'm desperate to write a follow up to my Job Cloud post and I also have the next in the Social Recruiting around the world series ready to go. However I couldn't bring myself to publish either until I'd written something about the Recruitment Unconference held in London last week. For those that don't know "TRULondon" was an unconference organised by serial tweeter, and  occasional recruitment trainer Bill Boorman. Here are my thoughts - The Good

This was without doubt the best networking event I've ever been to and yes Bill you can quote me on that! I also don't think I have ever attended an event with so many smart people at it before and with eight or nine countries represented it certain was an international affair. The informal unconference style made conversation easy and everyone was taking full advantage of the opportunity by meeting new people or strengthening previous online only connections with real life face to face meetings. There was also a strong sense of mutual respect and a great deal of humour running through the two days which made for an amazing overall atmosphere.

Getting to host two very different tracks was a highlight for me and it was a privilege to work with fellow track leaders Jim Stroud, Paul Harrison, Jessica Miller-Merrell and Craig Fisher. There was some great debate over the two days and I think that everyone (track leaders included) left with some new ideas about what the future of recruitment and HR might hold

The social events are also worthy of a mention. Firstly some amusing debate at the end of day one "pub track" followed by much tomfoolery at the TRUCurry Tweetup and then a fantastic end of day two "pub track" to round things off.

The Bad

As ever it was very disappointing not to see any new UK social recruiting case studies being talked about. I know for a fact that a number of UK employers are getting great results from their social media activity but are unwilling to talk about what they are doing as they feel they will lose "competitive advantage".  Everyone needs to start thinking differently about this. Whatever you do with social media I can absolutely guarantee someone else has already done it and lots of other people are thinking about doing it. I'm sure things will change soon though and companies will gradually become more open about their success. I look forward to debating more real life UK examples as the year goes on.

As a footnote to prove the "someone will have always thought of it first" concept, I met four people who are writing books about social recruiting at the unconference and all of them were convinced that they were the only person doing it!

Finally what also surprised me was the lack of representation from the recruitment marketing community. I think this is pretty shocking particularly when you consider how much the subjects which were discussed have the potential to change that industry. Just remember if you are not taking part in the debate, the debate isn't going to stop it is just going to carry on without you and you won't be able to influence it.

The Ugly

I really don't want this to overshadow an otherwise very positive post but I do have to mention the event logistics. Well rather the lack of event logistics. It is always important to have a certain amount of chaos at an unconference but the lack of a proper agenda, name badges, coffee, food on the first day and rooms on the first morning did effect the event quite badly. I'm sure though that the organizers will have learnt lessons for the future and are rightly proud of  their achievement in getting so many global thought leaders to the event

Overall then a very worthwhile couple of days and I think I'll leave the last word to Jim Stroud who stole the show by writing and performing a poem!!