One day and two events you can't afford to miss

This year has certainly been a memorable one and not often for the right reasons. However, despite times being so tough for our industry, it's great to see that over the last few months so many people have come together via Twitter to network and collaborate on creating a more positive and innovative future. The point the social media naysayers always seem to miss is how much Twitter and other social media platforms actually enhance face to face interaction rather than stifling it. To prove this there are not one but two face to face events running in London on Thursday 19th November that I believe will prove invaluable to anyone interested in innovating their way out of the recession in 2010. First up during the day we have what I'm pretty sure is the first Recruiting Unconference held in the UK. The legendary @BillBoorman is organising everything and it promises to be a unique and interesting day. I'm hosting / co-ordinating / facilitating / refereeing the "Social Media Circus" alongside keen social recruiter  Wendy Jacob and I'm looking forward to some lively discussion and debate. Bill has provided a comprehensive overview of the day here on the sign up page and I know you'll be very impressed with the breadth and scope of the agenda

Directly after the Unconference Jamie Leonard and myself will be hosting the third Recruitment Tweetup (#RTU to give it's Twitter hashtag name) which will be held in a bar at the Unconference venue. Registration for the Tweetup is separate to the Unconference and you don't have to attend during the day to come in the evening. However as we think you'd be mad to miss the daytime shenanigans,  we're offering a special discount code on Unconference tickets for anyone who registers for the Tweetup. Here's what happened at the last Tweetup in July.

Sign up for the Tweetup here

Sign up for the Unconference here