Putting together my personal social media jigsaw

Matt Alder I've just noticed that I haven't posted a blog post yet in August. This is mainly because I've been on holiday but also partly because I've been experimenting with some different types of social media. During my blog break I've mostly been using Posterous as a "work stream" and it's already proving to be as useful as I had hoped it would be. I've also been using Brightkite a bit more and I've found it a great tool for uploading and distributing photos while on the move. Interestingly most of the conversation about my Brightkite updates has happened via Twitter which shows that these tools are really at their most powerful when they work together. This is obviously one thing that Facebook had in mind when they acquired Friendfeed last week.

It was only when I started to play around with a newish service called Dandy ID that I realised just how many different social media services I have accounts with! Some I use a lot, some I've only ever used once and that is really where the personal jigsaw comes in. With so much aggregation and automatic cross posting,  I'm able to continually evolve my "jigsaw" of services to suit my needs without having to worry that the people I want to connect with might not be using the same sites.

So does the Friendfeed acquisition mean we won't have a Betamax v VHS style format war with social media services or does it mean that Facebook have already won it? Who knows but I certainly hope it's the former!