Pondering Posterous

Ever since I became aware of Posterous I've been wondering if there was any way its rather clever functionality could be relevant to me. For those of you who might not have heard of it, it's a very simply blog site which allows you to post several different types of content quickly and easily via a number of sources including email and SMS. Having played around with the site the other evening I think I've identified a useful role for it within my portfolio of social media tools and platforms.

I've always been frustrated that I only average two or three blog posts a month. I love blogging and the debate that goes along with it but it is very difficult to find the time to do more of it. Twitter offers an excellent way of maintaining this debate on a daily basis but its instant nature makes it very short term and not effective when you want to post more permanent content.

This is the gap I think Posterous might be able to fill.

I've set up a Lifestream on there and will be posting any interesting links and content that I come across. Basically things which I feel deserve a more permanent home for debate than just within a passing tweet.  I'll also be putting some of my thoughts on various issues on there, particularly when I don't  have time to work them up into full blown blog posts.  Finally for a bit of variety I'm not going to stick solely to recruitment and will be posting about anything that interests me.

It will be interesting to see whether it works the way I'm hoping it will!