10 Social Media habits to be aware of

I was disturbed last week when one person referred to me as a social media expert and then on the same day someone else seemed to imply that I thought I was. Neither person was right but then again perception is everything! This got me thinking a bit about the nature of expertise......

Five habits of a highly un-effective “Social Media Expert”

1)      Bandwagon jumping

2)      Link baiting

3)      Using sound bites from the same small pool of source material  (Clay Shirky should charge royalities!)

4)      Applying generalisations and offering shallow advice to people they know aren't listening

5)      Pouring self righteous scorn on anyone “naïve” enough to call themselves a “Social Media Expert” while secretly hoping others will think that they are one themselves

Five habits to use your expertise to be highly effective with Social Media

1)      Understanding that the tools are only tools but also realising that only way to know how to use them is to practise

2)      Listening carefully to work out what your client’s needs actually are and understanding the nuances of their unique situation

3)      Knowing that social media generalisations are just that

4)      Being accountable and prepared to be wrong at the same time

5)      Adding value not by being an expert in the tools (e.g. Twitter) but by being an expert in your area of the market (e.g. recruitment)

I’ll certainly be trying to stick to the second list in the future!

How many from each list apply to you and what have I missed?