Social Recruiting Summit

Those of you reading my tweets last week (as well as those who read Alex's blog post on Digital Recruiting) will know that I attended the Social Recruiting Summit held at the Googleplex last Monday. The event was fantastic not only in terms of presentation content but also in terms of the great connections I made and the interesting conversations that I had the chance to take part in. I'm not going to summarise the event here though.  Michael Specht has already done a great job of that on his blog and he went to nearly the same sessions as I did!  I will however be putting something about my experiences on the Barkers Blog in the very near future

What I am going to do is post some thoughts on Social Recruiting from Google's very own VP of HR who opened the conference.  I filmed this unintentionally illicitely before I was reminded of the filming ban. I hope no one minds me posting the clip, it was just much to interesting to waste!