Charging Candidates - taking advantage or adding value?

Workthing have recently launched a new service aimed at job seekers call Workthing Plus.  In the same way as The Ladders, Workthing Plus charges job seekers for access and in return provides them with a number of career and job search management tools.  This is certainly the first example I've come across of a job board doing this outside of the executive recruitment marketing which The Ladders firmly sits in In a market where there are less jobs being advertised it certainly makes good business sense for sites to monetise their audience in new ways. However are these services necessarily good news for the candidate or is it just profiteering? Well this is what I'm hoping to find out. Workthing have very kindly given me free access to the site and I'll be road testing all of the services over the next few weeks. To get a good comparison I'll also be take a candidate's eye view of The Ladders at the same time.

Expect to see my thoughts at some point in June