Let's take the Social Media discussion to the next level

I was looking back through the Digital Recruiting archives the other day and realised that I first wrote about social media and recruitment in this post from 2006. It's great to finally see the recruitment industry getting it's head properly round social media even if it has taken a while! It's also good to see the the concept of personal branding becoming mainstream and I think today's post on Mashable is perhaps one the most practical things I've ever seen written on the subject. So now I think the time is right to step the debate up a bit and take things to the next level. Over the next few weeks I'm going to try to introduce some new ideas into the debate as well as expanding on some thoughts I've had in the past.

I'll be kicking off straight after Easter with some thoughts on Social Graphs and their potential to change the recruitment landscape even further. In lots of ways they already have......

Have a great Easter break!