The future of our industry?

I've not seen much blog coverage to date about LinkedIn's Jobs Insider browser plug-in but I'm beginning to think that it could be a very important step in the evolution of our industry. For those of you who don't yet have it, it works like this:- 1) You download the software as an extension / plug-in for Firefox or IE

2) It sits there and does nothing until you're looking at a job posting on one of the job boards it works with

3) It pops up and tells you who in your LinkedIn connections works for that company, how many people in your extended network work there and also who in the LinkedIn groups you belong to works there

4) You tap them up for information or to even help you get the job

Personally I think it works particularly while when you're following links from jobs by email alerts thus giving you a simple and somewhat passive approach to job seeking and networking

LinkedIn Jobs Insider has been around for a while and only works across a limited number of mainly American job boards (it does work on the UK versions of Monster and Careerbuilder), however with LinkedIn now growing by one user every second it's really starting to come into it's own.

The real point here is that the future for online recruitment industry is going to be via open APIs and giving power to the user to create their own tools to find jobs in the way they want to.

Imagine how powerful it would be for a user to aggregated all availible relevant jobs from anywhere on the Internet and then cross reference them with their personal network and the networks of their friends and close contacts (regardless of where info about those networks is stored)

Well the content is there and the basis of the technology is there. That basically means it's only a matter of time.