More on ACE

As promised he is a bit more info on the ACE research project Barkers and The Guardian recently worked together on. The idea came from a series of conversations way back towards the beginning of 2008.  There has always been a lot of talk, spin and quite frankly things made up about how people look for jobs in the digital world. We felt the time was right to actually do some proper research to find out what was really going on and what else we could learn about the process. "Assessing the Candidate Experience"  or "ACE"is the final result.

The best bit about "ACE" for me was the fact that we devised a process that tracked people all the way from their initial browsing, to finding a job and beyond (you can read more about the methodology on the ACE website).  Although designed to inform the recruitment process, this level of detail means that ACE can also be used to understand what attitudes and behaviors  make job seekers  successful.  Obviously this is something very relevant at the moment and formed the basis of The Guardian's main coverage which you can find here

More information on the key findings will be posted on the ACE site over the coming weeks. You can already find several blog posts from members of the ACE team, including one from myself.  A video of the panel discussion will appear shortly and the summary presentation will go up at some point after that.  I'll also blog a bit more about the key findings in due course