The worse kind of spam

Time for a rant I think! As some of you will know I'm an open networker on LinkedIn which means that I'll connect to people in related roles and industry without necessarily knowing them first.  I've still been reasonably careful about who I've linked to but nevertheless now have more than 1000 connections. The reason I mention the number is that reaching 1000 connections seem to be the trigger point for a deluge of unsolicited unpersonalised email trying to persuade me to sign up to a diverse number of  events, groups and miscellaneous other stuff.

Now let me be clear, in principle I have no objections to this, after all I was the one who agreed to be an open networker in the first place.  What I do object to is where the content is going to obviously be irrelevant to me.  LinkedIn probably has more public information about me than any other site on the web so, while I don't expect people to be mindreaders, I think it is fair enough for me to expect them to be sensible in what they send.  I live in London so therefore no I won't be interested in joining a local face to face networking group for Illinois based recruiters and, as I went to the University of Winchester in the UK, I also won't be looking to join the University of Maryland Alumni anytime soon. I've had countless other such examples which I've been sent in the last month or so.

LinkedIn is fantastic opportunity to build a network and then build your reputation by providing that network with relevant content. So on those grounds please feel free to send me emails but  please don't spoil things with yet more lazy spam!