A great leap forward?

Apologies for the relative radio silence. It's budgeting and planning time of year at the moment so I've not had huge amounts of time to blog. I hoping to be back posting thoughts on here properly within a week or so. In the meantime I couldn't help but write a quick post about the launch of LinkedIn's Open Social applications platform. Some very interesting choices of intial partner:-  Huddle to power collaborative working, Wordpress and Blog Link to syndicate blog content, Tripit to see where your network are taking business trips to, Amazon Reading List to share recommended books, Company Buzz to see who is Twittering about your company and Box.net, Slideshare and Google Presentation to share content across your network.

So business networking, collaborative working, cloud computing and content sharing have finally collided. A very shrewed move by LinkedIn and a concept that is going to be huge in the future.

I'm off to set up a feed for this blog in my LinkedIn profile!