Recruiting Futurology

Welcome my new blog! It's fair to say that the recruitment industry as a whole is on the cusp of dramatic change. Developments in technology, irrevocable shifts in media consumption and global economic instability are all converging to make the next 18 months look like very interesting times indeed.

I read a lot of blogs in our space and while there is a lot of content on this topic I've never found one exclusively looking at emerging trends and predicting where they might take us. So I thought I'd start one...........

I'm not intending this blog to replace the contribution I make to the Digital Recruiting blog. instead I want to use Recruiting Futurology (catchy title isn't it!) as a place to link to relevant articles about the future of recruitment and debate specific trends in more detail.

I'm hoping it will become a useful resource that people will subscribe to, link to and most of contribute to.